It started with a comment on Facebook… “Just playing with my new soltice present”. And it drove me CRAZY. Really? A soltice present? Are you that hip and cool that you have ditched Christmas altogether, but still want the traditions that go with it? Mumble…mumble…uncharitable thought… etc.

But then I thought about how much it bothers me when people who aren’t Christian or who claim to be but don’t live their faith celebrate Christmas by focusing on the non religious aspects like Christmas trees, presents, and Santa Clause (yes… I know that the first can symbolize Christian ideas and values but if you don’t actively think about those, then you are using them in a religious way. And don’t even get me started on Santa Clause – he is not St. Nicholas in anything but an extremely cursory way). Not that these things are instrinsically evil, but they are not the core of what Christmas is about.

So, barring conversion, what is better? Banalizing Christmas or ignoring it altogether? And not just ignoring, but translating the favored bits to an unrelated holiday (which I am unaware of having any connections with gift-giving?) Either way, I should not let it bother me too much. But, really, I think it is sad to brush Christmas aside. I wish everyone would celebrate the true reason for this day – the birth of our Lord and Savior.

Am curious about your thoughts… which is better, a banal Christmas or switching to a soltice celebration?

Your sister in Christ,


Just a Thought – Vulnerability

I was on retreat this weekend, so my “Just a Thought” is appearing today.


The retreat leader mentioned something about how the last thing many of us do is allow ourselves to be vulnerable to another. That we have to always look and seem like we have everything all right and figured out.

Would that we all had one or two people to whom be completely vulnerable.

If one doesn’t have someone with whom to be completely vulnerable, should they seek one out? Or is it a relationship that happens naturally? I think sometime you do have to seek it out. You’ll never know if you can be vulnerable with someone if don’t try and I really think we miss out on something in this life if we don’t have that type of relationship. The retreat leader also said that God made us to need each other – and this really rang true for me.

Anyway, just a thought.

Your sister in Christ,



Arrrgggg. I totally failed on my “at least once a week” posting. Yes, things got busy. But I am resolved to move forward. I am working on a couple ideas, so I will hopefully do a real post soon.

Until then… have you thought about including this in your Advent preparations?

Get thee to the Confessional!

From a church in either Padua or Assisi. Just thought it was neat.

Your sister in Christ,



Accepting the simple answer has been a theme in the past couple days for me. One time when speaking with a friend. He was talking about how he couldn’t fathom why God would allow us to keep coming back to Him for forgiveness through the Sacrament of Confession. We chatted about it for awhile, but what it comes to is this: He really loves us that much. And that is enough of an answer. It may sound cliche – because the idea is thrown around without much thought or meaning behind it. But that is why He keeps forgiving us – because He loves us.

The other occurred to me as I was in adoration today. I was thinking about someone I know who has been struggling with mental temptations and other bad thoughts. She has been told by a good priest to “smash those temptations/thoughts on the rock of Christ”. Sounds good, but what does that mean? So, I was praying about that today and I asked Jesus – how do I smash a thought/temptation on the rock of Christ? And the answer just came to me: “Jesus, I trust in You”. To pray that prayer in the temptation is to turn to Christ and smash it on the Rock. Because THAT is the opposite of what the evil one wants. Again, a simple answer, but it is true.

I am so thankful for these realizations. To acknowledge and accept the simple answers God gives us will surely help us grow in relationship with Him.

Your sister in Christ,


P.S. If you all would say a prayer for the success of a fundraiser this weekend, I would greatly appreciate it. :)